Because we're LOCAL too.

At Brewery Insurance Northeast, we live and breathe buy local!  We feel one of the best attributes of the Northeast is the local business support.  Local Businesses (like US!) are owned by our friends and neighbors and what better people to give back too!  With every Brewery we quote, no matter if we gain them as a customer or not, we will donate to the New Hampshire’s Brewer’s Association.


We at Brewery Insurance NE feel supporting the people who are supporting the Brewery Industry just makes sense.  You know, like not driving to the Cape at noon on 4th of July!

Local events

helping out


Think we are Missing someone?


We are glad you brought this up, we thought we could add more non-profits and local businesses to this page too!  If you know any non-profits or local businesses that are crucial to the brewery/winery industry that you think we could donate too, please let us know 


As they say, “the more the merrier!”

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